What’s Newport Oregon’s best breakfast place? and best lunch place? and best place to get chowder? and best place to get fish and chips?

Our customers say it all!


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From the Owner

Yep! That’s us! We are just downright proud of our good homecooked food. You have got to come and try our good food – we do know how to cook a good breakfast. We are definitely not a fast-food restaurant: we take so much pride in the way our food is prepared! We make our own hashbrowns and home-fried potatoes from the real thing – none of that frozen stuff for us. In fact, we steer way clear of frozen product and we go for the basics. We make all of our own breads, biscuits, and muffins, pies, gravy, desserts–we even bread our own Chicken Fried Steak–just like down on the Missouri farm I spent so much time on when I was a kid. I use the words “Home made” a lot, because I figure I have a right to. I spend more time at Fishtails than I do at the place where I sleep–and so does my family! If you want the best breakfast in Newport Oregon, come to Fishtails Cafe and you will get it.

Fishtails Cafe opened its doors in April, 2000 with a staff of three and a dream–serve good food and make lots of money doing it. Well, it has been thirteen years now and we do serve good food but…we have learned that you don’t get rich doing it–what you get is a whole pot load of satisfaction making people happy with food. Despite our calorie-conscious world, let’s face it, food is happiness. Come try our Marionberry French Toast and you will be convinced. Our fresh homemade bread, sliced and stuffed with a slightly sweetened cream cheese mixture then dipped in egg and cream and grilled–topped with our home made Marionberry Sauce and homemade whipped cream.

We have a picture on the wall in the kitchen that says “Home sweet Home.” The picture is of a house with a green lawn. We don’t have a green lawn–we have a parking lot–but we do have lots of planters with flowers that bloom in the spring and all summer long. Come by and have a homemade breakfast with us sometime – you won’t be disappointed. We can’t wait to see you!

Barbara Abshire – Owner and Operator

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The next morning it was time for the long-awaited, long-driven-for French toast. Fishtails Cafe was hopping on a Sunday morning. We slid into our seats and quickly ordered. We knew what we wanted. Eyes grew wide as the marionberry French toast arrived, along with sides of bacon and potatoes. The abundant, and delicious, breakfast was a huge hit. It was just as good as my daughter and I remembered.

Angela Gottschalk

Jumping for Joy on Oregon Coast Getaway

One of our favorite things to do on a weekend (when not working) is to go out for breakfast. Newport has a lot of great places to eat breakfast but Fishtails Café is one we frequent often…The service is friendly and the portions are very generous. They make everything from fresh ingredients and you can tell. I love the Marion Berry French Toast! It is so delicious and you won’t find anything like it anywhere else. My husband Steve, loves the chicken fried steak and we usually end up ordering the same thing every time. It’s a relaxed atmosphere and the service is great, so when you want an amazing breakfast try Fishtails Café.

Sonja Lovas

Martek Real Estate

We’re spoken about in HIGH circles! Kush Tourism lists Fishtails Cafe as “Newport’s best brunch spot.”